Experience the charming English countryside, enjoy nature, and visit historical sites !

Great Britain hides a wealth of treasures visible to the trained eye of a Blue Badge Tourist guide. Don’t miss out on these!  As we wander through places of historic importance and unmistakeable charisma, you are not only going to experience the unchaining freedom of hiking in nature but also get to know the timeless stories of these places battled through kings’ reigns, wars and decades of prosperity.

Whether we are following in the footsteps of Christopher Marlowe towards his mysterious death in Elizabethan London or exploring Jane Austen’s Cotswolds, which we all know well from her novel Mansfield Park, the adventure is incomparable. If you fancy a drink, not a problem, there is a London walk through the vibrant history of beverages too.

                             Join us for unforgettable experiences.

Day Hikes

Cinema and films in Hertfordshire

An entertaining hike, through historical Hertfordshire

Greenwich & Deptford

Learn about the the murder of Elizabethan playwright Christopher Marlowe

Neolithic & Bronze Age Avebury

Walk through this stunning Neolithic and Bronze Age landscape

Jane Austen’s and Tolkien’s Cotswold’s

Join us on this stunning walk through this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty