River Thames  Walk

Our River Thames walk takes you off the beaten track though a neighbourhood called Rotherhithe.  Enjoy a walk along the water from docks to lakes to Old Father Thames, and some of the best views of London from the river’s bank. Your guide can’t sing the praises of this walk enough. It whisks you through a waterscape history of London, its seafaring community (including those who wrote the Mayflower chapter of our history books), and the story of how the world’s first  tunnel under a river  was built by the genius of the father and son Brunel team.

Your walk includes a visit to the Brunel Museum educational charity run by volunteers and ends with the very best view in town of Tower Bridge, and points you towards some ideal lunch venues!

Green notes

Booking a walking tour is a good method of heading towards carbon neutrality and it’s also a way of being healthy.

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Make a positive impact ! Donate to support the Brunel Museum‘s development plans.

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