Medieval Faversham – Creeks, Gunpowder & England’s Oldest Brewery Hike

This wonderful  7 miles history hike has it all ! It’s a magical mix of farming country, from medieval England to the modern day; an inspiring journey from past to present, from fertile countryside to the open coast.

The hike begins in the historic market town of Faversham. We will see the house where , the murder of Thomas Arden took place in Tudor times, and walk the he finest medieval street in England”.

During the hike we will walk along Faversham Creek , where Faversham’s farming and industrial past loom large. Once a hive of activity, with boats trading grain, hops, fruit, oysters, bricks, cement and gunpowder. We will also explore Ore Gunpowder Word country park which offers  a superb mix of open water, marshland, woodland with open rides and of course the old gunpowder buildings, that offer plenty of opportunity for important native plants and animals and see  historic churches, and world’s oldest  Gunpowder Mill.   There is also an optional visit the England’s Oldest Brewery with beer tasting.

Private tours are available from April to October on Saturdays and Sundays. Brewery visit is subject to availability.

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