In Britain, tea is always present in the background of everyone’s lives. It’s also intertwined with our history and politics. Did you know that on average the British drink three cups a day and it is acknowledged in Britain that a cup of tea can solve anything?

Take Me To London and Teasup have been friends for a long time and when chatting over a cuppa we came up with the idea of collaborating in creating a walking tour to tell you the story of Londoners and their steamy love affair. Tea played, and still plays, an important part in London life. It shaped the city’s architecture, economy, and the etiquette of socializing.


The walk takes about two hours and you will have the chance to taste some tea.

We will take you on a journey through time, starting at the old tea warehouses which line the River Thames and then proceeding deep into the heart of the City. You will find out who was the first monarch to have a cuppa and whether Charles Dickens’s heroes preferred tea or coffee. As a treat for completing the walk you will receive a complementary pack of Teasup tea to take home.


Teasup Breakfast Blend is our signature English Breakfast tea and the key is the speciality tea leaves. It features fine-plucked very high grown smallholder tea from the best planting districts around Mt Kenya, high grown tea from the the Gisovu Tea Estate in Rwanda and premium second flush Assam leaves from the Hunwal Tea Estate in India.The result is a rich, full-bodied tea with a clean, brisk taste and golden colour. Great with a splash of milk and a perfect way to start your day.

Who are we ?


A family business based in South West London specialising in high quality, ethically sourced tea.  We seek out excellent quality whole leaf tea from top tea gardens across the globe.  Our tea is ethically sourced because we want the tea that we drink to be improving the lives of all those working in the tea industry. We are committed to being plastic free and to environmentally friendly packaging because we want to contribute to improving the environment in which we live. You can find out more about Teasup at

Take me to London

Three qualified Blue Badge Tour Guides, Ildi, Jill and Jackie, three friends with passion for tea and London’s history. We do walking tours in London, guide in museums and galleries. We have the privilege of guiding at Windsor Castle, Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral, and the Tower. Among us we speak 6 languages.  You can find out more on


Ildi, Jackie and Jill

As guides we believe in sustainable tourism and we just love Teasup tea, so this partnership seemed to be a perfect match.


A bit of fun fact to take away :

The first English breakfast blend actually comes from America! In 1843, Richard Davies, an English apothecary from Hull who had founded a small tea company in New York, made a new mix of tea that he called “English Breakfast”, and the people loved it!


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Tea Walk Gift Box – Surprise a tea enthusiast in your life with a fine tea gift

What’s in it ?  A Gift voucher for our London Tea Walk for one person, -Teasup English Breakfast Blend tea ,Teasup Loose Leaf Tea Infuser :


We are looking forward to welcoming you on our walk.  We hope it’s your cup of tea!