Responsible tourism with Take Me to London

The current worldwide situation made us realise that responsible and sustainable tourism is the Future.

Suddenly people became more aware of nature, we can hear the birds singing, we notice the wildlife more and – when we start travelling again – venturing outdoors will be a safer option. We also realised the importance of the community, and we know that supporting small local business should be a priority.

I have always loved the outdoors and have been hiking for many years. This little project I am about to tell you about has been on my mind for quite some while.

                 (On the Pilgrims way recce walk  with Jill who is one of my ‘ partner in crime ‘ when it comes to hiking )


I have been a member of a hiking group for years. Their hikes vary between 14-18 miles. I enjoy their trips very much, however as a Blue Badge Tourist Guide and history buff, I always wanted to know the history of the places where we were hiking and to have some time to take pictures. These are things that hiking groups normally lack.

Having this in mind, I signed up for a Hill and Moorland Leader Award Training Course. It consisted of 3 very intensive days surrounded by beautiful scenery in the Peak District.  It was both fun and a challenge. I successfully completed the course and the forced break from work gave me time to think and create new tours combining two of my passions, guiding and hiking.

The trips created are all day trips from London. We will be travelling by train and the walking distance will not be more than 10 miles, to historic locations allowing you to take in beautiful scenery, familiarise yourself with the English countryside and learn about the history of the places. The locations chosen will be interesting for both international and domestic markets. Public tours for the domestic market are launched on ‘Meetup’ under the name ‘London Historic Walkers’;    and there will be walks which adventurous international travellers can book on our website. Groups will be small, thus enhancing the experience. For private group bookings please get in touch with us.



Our first tour from Dover to Deal was a great success. Stunning scenery combined with historical sites of the First and Second World Wars, Roman Invasions, Henry VIII, Smugglers, Boatmen, Swimmers and more.

Why hike with us?  It will be a lovely walk, easy terrain, charming English Countryside accompanied by many stories and a great deal of history. The hikes will be led by a Blue Badge Tourist Guide who has both successfully completed the Hill and Moorland Leader Award Training Course and is a member of the British Mountaineering Council.

Initially we are offering 4 tours – with more to come:

Runnymede and Windsor Historic Hike 

White Cliffs and Castles Historic Hike

Pilgrim for a Day Historic Hike 

Sissinghurst Circular Walk 


Check out our website for more and sign up for our newsletter so we may advise you when the tours will be starting :

by Ildi