White Cliffs and Castles Historical Hiking Tour

Join our scenic White Cliffs and Castles Historical Hike in the World-Famous White Cliffs County.

Stunning landscape and three castles along the British coastline. Dover Castle known as the Key to England; Walmer Castle, which numbers among its Lord Wardens the First Duke of Wellington and Elizabeth the Queen Mother; last but not least Deal Castle, built by Henry VIII.

We will do this walk at a comfortable pace so we can take in the beautiful landscape, stop for photo opportunities and learn about the history of the coastline and the castles. When we arrive in Deal we will have a short sightseeing walk and a well-deserved drink at a local seaside pub.

Distance: 10 miles (16 km) 3-4 hour walk. Lunch break at Walmer Castle.

Terrain: Mostly downhill, uphill at Dover and St Margaret’s Bay.

What to bring: Hiking boots, snacks, water. Prepare for the weather with waterproof clothing or sunblock.

This walking tour is part of our sustainable tourism program and we will be taking a train from Kings Cross Station to Dover and back from Deal to London.

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