Bloomsbury Literary Walk and the British Museum

Join us on this pretty walk through lovely squares and gardens where poets, writers and philanthropists lived, loved and worked and hear their poems and quotations from their works.
Get to know the story of Coram’s Fields where once an orphanage called Foundling Hospital stood, the place where Charles Dickens and JM Barry lived. Learn about their lives and what inspired their most famous works.

You will learn what the connection is between Peter Pan and Great Ormond Street Hospital, find out who were the members of the Bloomsbury group, see the Church where Sylvia Plath married Ted Hughes and walk down the street where Edgar Allan Poe lived once.

After a coffee break we will visit the British Museum

London’s most visited museum founded by Hans Sloan. We will see some of the most discussed object such as the Rosetta StoneĀ  which proved to be the key to deciphering hieroglyphics, the famous Elgin Marbles, Hoa Hakananai and we will also visit the British Galleries.

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Bloomsbury & British Museum